The Immune System’s Smallest Enemy With the Biggest Problems

And I assume, as you recognize, my books are both current, up-do-date, they’re technology-primarily based, however they honestly contact that soul of herbal medicinal drug. Now, bounce lower back 30 plus, plus, plus years. I identified very early on, due to my patients that had been coming in, now, in the late 70s, early 80s, that became simply whilst the end of the iceberg of AIDS turned into, we didn’t even have it identified then, and Hepatitis C, we did not have it identified, now not till ’89, if you could accept as true with that or now not.

And then we were looking at continual fatigue and environmental syndromes, increasing incidences of cancer, all types of allergic reactions, very unusual matters that failed to display up. We had been seeing illnesses that happened usually best in older people, a number of them very uncommon sicknesses or very uncommon like MS, as an instance, and other autoimmune sicknesses, and I commenced to take a look at this.

You recognise, what might be the cause? And on the time, all of us turned into blaming viruses, and so I said, properly, allow me take a closer look. It turned out that it sincerely wasn’t viruses that were causing all of these problems in anyway. It become environmental reasons, however when I checked out the viral problem extra carefully, after which AIDS came up, after which Hepatitis C after which SARS, and many, many, many, many, many others, I found out, after which with my trendy book “Beating the Flu,” approximately pandemic influenza, that probably our number one weakest hyperlink was our immune system.

And our number one greatest problem changed into viral ailments. We had no medicinal drugs. It turned into an undefeatable enemy. It become the smallest factor regarded. Viruses may even infect bacteria. That’s how small they’re.

Kevin: Um-hmm.

Dr. Williams: So I got on the viral path, and I attempted to train lay people, the general public, in addition to physicians, due to the fact scientific doctors had absolutely no concept, had 0 education on viruses at the time. They have very little nowadays.

Kevin: Right. And how has that changed over the past 30 years?

Dr. Williams: Well, regrettably it’s changed in sort of skewed way. We have kind of a limping drunk, you understand, the son of a wealthy guy, or something like that, who is gone out for the nighttime and has received lots of enjoy, however within the wrong things.

Kevin: Gotcha.

Dr. Williams: And immunology itself, the technological know-how of immunology, has just come to be revived, and we have looked at it in a far, a whole lot deeper way. We now remember the fact that what we used to suppose, and the old paradigm continues to be in place, that what we used to suppose is completely now not handiest previous however usually incorrect. It’s a much extra rather complicated gadget. It’s an intercommunicative gadget, and it works within all regions of the body. It’s dependent on hormones, vitamins, and immunity, in addition to environmental pressures.

We slanted our interest in viral studies onto AIDS and what we thought were the more extreme diseases because it truly is where a number of the studies cash was in, but no longer wherein the real trouble was. And, as an example, a number of the very best incidences of viral infections is in Denge fever, however that rarely touches the US, so if the terrible people of the Philippines and the Brazilian Amazon are death from Denge, we do not in reality fund that kind of research.

But, you understand, if a senator’s son or some thing has AIDS, then we are going to fund that. So it have become a touch bit too political, and now thankfully, it’s slanting far from that. Because what we are seeing is that this concept that four or five years from now, we are going to have a vaccine. We’ll have a cure. Never, ever occurred.

It’s now been, let’s take ’84 as kind of a lynchpin yr, while we commenced to recognise that viruses were turning into a greater severe trouble than we ever could have imagined. That’s extra than twenty years in the past. And they had been pronouncing at the time, each 4 or five years, that we would have a remedy. And so it truly is about 8 instances it’s been stated, and we’re no closer than we had been 24 years in the past.

So, I think we’re starting to take that extra severely. Clinicians are starting to take it more severely. And we have to upgrade our schooling, reeducate ourselves, after which help the general public to keep in mind that if there may be anyone thing that is truly a extreme trouble, and that is my most considerable factor, is that the environmental adjustments that we are experiencing, you know, we are searching at worldwide warming as type of the big umbrella aspect of it, however there may be such a lot of insidious modifications that are dampening and weakening or disrupting our immune machine, and which can be at the equal time making an allowance for viruses to be spread less complicated and to mutate easier. So we’re having strengthening viruses and weakening humanity without any medications to address it.