The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Moy always recommends “using a moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF. Try our DNA Sheer Defense 50+ SPF made with DNA-repairing enzymes, a two-in-one solution that acts as a defense mechanism for your skin while repairing day and night.”

Though on the pricier side of the spectrum, Zelens carries the best of the best anti-aging moisturizers, complete with 15 botanical extracts, five types of marine algae, and seven herbal oils. Together, they help to make your skin feel and look both firmer and younger while delivering maximum moisture.

If you’re feeling ultra dry and your current moisturizer isn’t cutting it, head to the drugstore, and give this version a try. It’s super hydrating, and it contains SPF 20, making it a great addition to your morning routine.

Verso means reverse in Latin, and this line lives up to that name. This is a soothing night cream that will repair your skin and reverse signs of aging with Retinol 8, a vitamin that promotes natural collagen production.

Moy recommends this night cream to nourish and repair your skin while you sleep. It contains resveratrol to help smooth the look of wrinkles.

This beautiful blue balm soothes sensitive skin like no other. The intensely rich and velvety texture melts into your skin, moisturizing even those stubborn dry patches, making it especially ideal for flights and other dry environments.

Even though it contains six powerful anti-aging ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants that target concerns at a cellular level to repair skin, it’s also marked at an affordable price point.

Even before you start applying this whipped velvety face cream, you’ll be in skincare heaven. To pump it out of the container, you just press down on the retro-style dispenser. It contains several ingredients to transform skin from dry and dull to hydrated, firm, and bright.

If you’re looking for face cream derived from natural ingredients, this is a great option. With a blend of peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential omega fatty acids, it restores elasticity and noticeably reduces the look of dullness and fine lines.

Another one of Moy’s recommendations, this light yet moisturizing cream will tighten and lift the skin to restore that youthful glow. It also has SPF 15, making it great for daily use.

Here’s another highly nourishing oil that looks as gorgeous sitting on your vanity as it does when absorbed by your skin. With ingredients that work to rebuild your natural moisture barrier and boost collagen product, it will leave your skin glowing.

If you like the sound of a soothing balm but are looking for something more affordable, this Australian brand will do the trick. It’s particularly effective for dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Rich in antioxidants to promote cellular regeneration, try using it as a mask while you sleep.

If you have super-oily skin, a gel or a lotion might be better than a cream or oil. This version has potent ingredients to smooth skin texture and reduce the look of fine lines while you sleep.

If your skin is constantly changing, you travel frequently, or you simply want to try a few things before you settle on one, this trio of mini facial oils from Herbivore Botanics is perfect. Orchid preserves youthful-looking skin and defends against free radicals to prevent premature aging, while the brand’s Phoenix oil is the most hydrating, and Lapis is a great anti-inflammatory that repairs irritated and blotchy complexions without clogging up blemish-prone skin.

The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizers Have These 3 Things in Common


Rare Amish genetic mutation may point way to anti-aging treatment

Scientists discovered a rare genetic mutation in an Amish community which prolongs life by an average of 10 years and prevents age-related illnesses, according to a study published Wednesday.

An Amish community in Indiana is the only known group to have the mutation in the gene called Serpine1. Those who inherit a pair of mutated genes have impaired blood-clotting ability which can prove fatal. However those with just one mutated copy of the gene were found in the study to have better metabolic health, lower risk of diabetes, and to live a decade longer than the community average.

In research published in Science Advances, scientists studied 177 members of the Old Order Amish from Berne, Indiana, including 43 with only one mutated gene.

This Amish community is mostly descended from a single couple who emigrated from Switzerland to Indiana six generations ago.

“This is a rare genetic mutation that appears to protect against biological aging in humans,” said Douglas Vaughan, who led the research.

Serpine1 provides instructions for the body to manufacture the plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) protein which destroys dangerous blood clots in the body. But it also appears to be prevent cellular senescence, when cells enter a state of suspended animation, which is thought to be a major contributor to the aging process.

Senescence shows itself as a shortening of telomeres — the caps on the ends of chromosomes that wear away with age.

Those with a single mutated gene were found to have 50 percent less PAI-1 in their blood, and significantly longer telomeres, suggesting they age more slowly.

By tracking three generations of family histories, scientists found that those with a single mutated gene lived to an average age of 85, significantly longer than their peers.

“Future studies will provide the opportunity to investigate… the development of incident diabetes and other age-related diseases, and perhaps ultimately differences in health and life span in humans,” the authors wrote.

However, not all scientists agree with the findings.

Geriatrician Nir Barzilai of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City told Science Magazine he was not convinced by the study. He told the magazine the current study was carried out on a very small sample, which limits its value.

Along with colleagues, he studied a different gene variation which also boosted lifespans by an average of 10 years, in four groups of people including Ashkenazi Jews and a different Amish community. SERPINE1 “is not convincingly a longevity gene,” he said.

Researchers in Japan are currently running clinical trials of a molecule that blocks PAI-1 as a treatment for diabetes, but Vaughan says it may also help people suffering from obesity or an age-related metabolic condition.



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SISLEŸA L’intégral Anti-âge Eye And Lip Contour Cream
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Wellness-Focused Chocolate Formulae – Affect Health’s Drinking Chocolate Offers Anti-Aging Benefits (

Wellness-Focused Chocolate Formulae


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Wellness-Focused Chocolate Formulae

Affect Health’s Drinking Chocolate Offers Anti-Aging Benefits


Chocolate isn’t typically thought of as a health food, which is what makes Affect Health’s ‘Drinking Chocolate’ all the more impressive. The powdered formula is indeed chocolate-flavored, but it is inspired by traditional chocolate drink recipes that are a lot better for people than the sugary beverages that have come to be associated with chocolate milk and hot chocolate. In fact, Affect Health’s formula is so far in the opposite direction that it can even serve as an anti-aging product.

The key to the Drinking Chocolate is twofold. Firstly, it eschews sugar in favor of the natural flavorings of cacao, coconut milk, cinnamon, and Himalayan sea salt. Secondly, the 40 percent raw cacao mixture means that the powder is a natural source of magnesium, zinc, polyphenols, and bioflavinoids, contributing to reduced inflammation through increased antioxidant support.

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Did you know mushrooms have anti aging potential?

Did you know mushrooms have anti aging potential?

Your favourite pizza topping could you help fight aging!

6 types of mushrooms and their health benefits

“There’s a theory — the free radical theory of aging — that’s been around for a long time that says when we oxidize our food to produce energy there’s a number of free radicals that are produced that side products of that action and many of these are quite toxic,” said Beelman. “The body has mechanisms to control most of them, including ergothioneine and glutathione, but eventually enough accrue to cause damage, which has been associated with many of the diseases of aging, like , coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s.”

According to the researchers, the amounts of ergothioneine and glutathione in mushrooms vary by species with the porcine species, a wild variety, containing the highest amount of the two compounds among the 13 species tested. “We found that the porcini has the highest, by far, of any we tested,” said Beelman. “This species is really popular in Italy where searching for it has become a national pastime.” The more common mushroom types, like the white button, had less of the antioxidants, but had higher amounts than most other foods, Beelman said. Why mushroom healthier when grilled, microwaved

The amount of ergothioneine and glutathione also appear to be correlated in mushrooms, the researchers said. Mushrooms that are high in glutathione are also high in ergothioneine, for example. Cooking mushrooms do not seem to significantly affect the compounds, Beelman said. “Ergothioneine is very heat stable,” said Beelman. Beelman said that future research may look at any role that ergothioneine and glutathione have in decreasing the likelihood of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s preliminary, but you can see that countries that have more ergothioneine in their diets, countries like France and Italy, also have lower incidences of neurodegenerative diseases, while people in countries like the United States, which has low amounts of ergothioneine in the diet, have a higher probability of diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s,” said Beelman. “Now, whether that’s just a correlation or causative, we don’t know. But, it’s something to look into, especially because the difference between the countries with low rates of neurodegenerative diseases is about three milligrams per day, which is about five button mushrooms each day.” The findings have been published in the journal Food Chemistry.

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